How To Sell My Home For The
   Highest Price, Part 2

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How To Sell Your Home For The Highest Price In The Timeframe You Want, Part 2:

The Exterior.
This is the first place to start.
- Maximize curb appeal by keeping your lawn cut, shrubs trimmed, and flowerbeds looking neat.
- Remove loose articles from the yard, including toys, tools, garden hoses, etc.
- Also, make sure your front door is in good condition. Keep it clean.

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- Make sure the doors are tightened on their hinges.
- And if it’s close to the holiday, put an ornament, like a wreath, on the door to create a feeling of warmth.

The interior.
- Remove excess furniture to make the interior appear larger (many sellers rent storage units to store excess furniture).
- Fresh paint, and removing stained or worn carpet, are some of the best investments you can make.
- Remove clutter in every part of the home. We recommend hiring a professional.
- Appeal to the senses. Inviting potential buyers into your home is akin to inviting them into your “store”. Appeal to their senses! First, appeal to their sense of smell. We recommend using a vanilla air freshener that you can attach to the air filter (available at Home Depot).
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- Secondly, keep ALL the lights on in your home during the evening or during open houses. This makes the home appear larger and more inviting.
- Finally, have classical or jazz music playing softly on the stereo.

Is it possible to over-improve?
Yes. You should follow these suggestions to maximize your investment, but the law of diminishing returns applies here. If you’ve improved your home to the point that it’s one of the most expensive homes in the neighborhood, you won’t see a return on additional improvements. Consult your real estate agent to determine if added improvement means added marketability.

Marketing your home: the most important factor!
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Many home sellers are surprised to learn that more than half of all buyers come from referrals between agents and their vast networks of contacts. About 25% of the rest come from aggressive promotional efforts, and the small remainder comes from a sign in the yard.
Multiple Listing Service.
Your real estate agent enters a profile of your home in the Multiple Listing Service. Now your home description is instantly available to the entire MLS membership (MLS is a membership available exclusively to real estate professionals). Typically agents from other offices will “tour” new homes entered into the MLS.
Agent Networking.
In addition, most real estate agents will market your home to their network of agents.
To maximize exposure, make sure your home is advertised in local home journals, the Internet ( is the most highly trafficked website in the world!), direct mail cards targeted to specific neighborhoods and newspaper classified ads.

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