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Picking A Home You'll Both Love? Part 1:

If Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, how can they agree when it comes to buying their first home? With most men preferring high energy sporting events to Celine Dion concerts, and most women preferring love stories over “Die Hard” it isn’t difficult to see that men and women can be headed in different directions when it comes to selecting a home.

Men and women look at homes in totally different ways - women tend to consider the emotional aspects of a house, while men are inclined to think of a home as an extension of their personalities/ hobbies.

What Women Want

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When women shop for homes they look at things such as, do they like the wall paper in their bedroom, is the carpet the right color, does it “feel” good here, can I see myself cooking in the kitchen, are there enough bedrooms for future family and/or visitors etc….

Picking A Home You'll Both Love, Part 2

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