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How To Sell Your Home For The Highest Price In The Timeframe You Want, Part 1:

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To sell your home for the highest possible price, you should implement several proven marketing strategies as well as avoid several common mistakes. Simply follow the guidelines below:

Understand That Supply and Demand Ultimately Determines Your Selling Price.
It’s common for sellers to believe their homes are worth more than the market will bear. Years of improvements to a home can certainly add to an owner’s perceived value of the home. In reality, the price is mostly a function of supply and demand.
- How many homes are for sale in your neighborhood?
- At what price, and have you been in them?
- How do they show?
- Furthermore, what are you doing to generate DEMAND for your house?
Newspaper classified advertising often isn’t enough. Most qualified, active buyers are working with real estate agents . . . make sure you create demand for your home by marketing it to the real estate agent community.
It is absolutely critical that you know your market.
- What are similar homes selling for in your neighborhood?
- Have there been any price reductions?
Talk to your real estate agent to keep a pulse on recent market activity. She or he can easily glean this from the Multiple Listing Service.

“Packaging” Your Home for Sale is Critical!
Like any product or service, you need to “package” your home to maximize its appeal...
How To Sell My Home For The Highest Price, Part 2

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