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What Type of Home Should I Buy? Part 1:

There a number of things to consider when you’re buying a home. First, where do you want to live? If you have a growing family, maybe you want to live in the suburbs? This can obviously affect your commute. Is this a neighborhood where you want to live? Also consider the investment value of where you want to live. Make sure the area has seen consistent price appreciation.

Then, there’s the question of what type of home you want to buy. This will also depend on your lifestyle, but make sure you are buying the right type of home, in the right area, based on investment value. After all, buying a home should be an investment. This guide discusses the potential benefits and drawbacks of each particular type of home.

An old home versus a new home

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It may appear that newer homes are better investments. After all, they’re brand new . . . everything is sparkling. The layouts are consistent with today’s styles. And the neighborhood amenities (for example, pool, recreation centers and shopping) make the neighborhood very convenient. Furthermore, you’ve probably heard that most new homes appreciate from the minute you buy the lot.

This is not always the case! From an investment standpoint, older resale homes can offer just as much, or even more, opportunity for price appreciation. First, older homes are usually closer to the city, so they are often in convenient areas. Secondly, many older homes actually have better quality construction than today’s newer homes. On older homes you’re likely to find slate roofs, copper gutters, chimney flashing and hardwood floors. Finally, older neighborhoods are established, which means, “what you see is usually what you get.” You usually won’t find a lot of new construction in your neighborhood that could affect the value of your home....
What Type of Home Should I Buy?, Part 2

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